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LAX - CMAR & Roadway Retrofit

LAX - CMAR & Roadway Retrofit

1 World Way
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Type of Job:  Airport and Bridge Retrofit and Construction Manager at Risk
Cost:  $80M
Duration:  2014-present
Location:  Los Angeles International Airport  
Project Status:  In progress
Client:  Los Angeles World Airports
Sterling Company:  Myers-Banicki (joint venture) 

This is a Construction Management at Risk Project and was the first CMAR civil project that LAWA has ever released. The Myers-Banicki joint venture was chosen over two of the largest contractors in the world. The purpose of this project is to perform the necessary maintenance work on the Second Level Roadway (SLR) bridge at the Central Terminal Area of LAX. The project scope generally entails removal and replacement of bearing pads and joint seals, hinge repair, drainage structure work and application of polyester concrete overlay to the bridge deck. The electrical package includes 91 new light standards, 6,700 ft of new light ribbon, 12 traffic signal replacements and terminal canopy extensions. The visual pieces of this project must be complete for the Special Olympics in 2015. The Myers-Banicki team has already redesigned the means and methods for constructing the projects resulting in a savings to the project owner.

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